About EDI

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform brokerages by turning opportunity into strategy, strategy into action, and action into success.
EDI Enterprise Performance Group is the leading brokerage consultant in North America. With over 35 years of hands on experience in the real estate and mortgage brokerage businesses we have helped hundreds of brokers and owners address industry specific challenges and opportunities. Leveraging industry specific knowledge, proprietary systems and proven strategies we help our clients deliver exceptional results, grow revenues and build long term value in their business.

Our Values

Virtues cut to the core of any organization and the EDI team prides itself on the virtues that are at the core of our organization. We have worked with thousands of organizations and have carefully selected the virtues we believe to be the most important for success. You will find these core virtues in all of our strategies, processes, and tools that support our performance programs. If this resonates strongly with you and your organization please contact us; it is our goal to work with like-minded people.






Work Ethics

Our Beliefs

At EDI we believe that enterprise performance is supported by three foundational pillars, and all three are required for success. If any one pillar is weak, your enterprise will not execute effectively. The three pillars of enterprise performance are knowledge, volition, and action. EDI is committed to strengthening these pillars for our clients.



  • Performance Architects with post-graduate degrees and designations
  • Successful executive and board level leadership experience
  • Thousands of strategic hours in many industries
  • Customized active strategic processes and tools
  • Identify and qualify opportunity to help focus and prioritize goals for the next 12 months
  • Assess challenges in the business that will hamper execution


(Inner Motivation & Ongoing Accountability)

  • EDI will help you “light the fire” within you and your direct reports
  • We are perfectly aligned; your goals are our goals
  • Our success is measure by your success and the achievement of the 500% Advantage Cycle
  • Active management strategies that will empower your enterprise performance
  • We are experts in executive accountability with our processes and applications



  • Increased accountability of action linked to documented strategy using EDI’s proprietary Member Site
  • Coordination, prioritization, and unity of strategy to ensure entire team are optimally leveraged
  • Measured progress focusing on Key Performance Indicators that we help you design to drive action and execute strategy
  • One-on-one performance sessions to manage execution, identify opportunity, overcome challenges, and achieve results.

Our Credentials

More than strategic advisers, we are action takers partnering with our clients from insight through to execution to performance results.

  • EDI Performance Architects bring with them many years of leadership experience from their past executive roles – experience in execution specifically in formulating and executing strategy
  • EDI Performance Architects are hired based on their historical track record of strategic success in the real estate and/or mortgage businesses that they have served

Meet Our Expert Performance Architects

Tyrone Davids

Tyrone Davids

CEO, Performance Architect

Wayne Einhorn

Wayne Einhorn

President, Performance Architect