Complete Management Series for Brokers

EDI’s Complete Business System includes an e-learning system with modules on each of EDI’s 7 Building Blocks™ & monthly web-based group coaching calls

Full access to the EDI member portal’s wizards, tools and educational videos

Providing you with EDI’s Complete Business System on how to effectively run your brokerage business.

Program includes

  • Monthly web-based group coaching calls
  • Live Q&A with industry experts
  • Panel discussions with industry’s top recruiters and performances
  • Accountability dashboard, wizards and tools
  • Instructional videos across EDI’s 7 Building Blocks™
  • Proven system that works!

Understand and put a strategy in place – Use it with your entire management team to drive your business strategy and create your plan of implementation!


Includes Monthly Recruiting Club webinar session with exclusive content!

…from Interactive Q&A to guest panels!