Mergers & Acquisitions


Need to understand what your business is worth from the industry experts?


Want to improve your profitability by purchasing another brokerage?


Want to put your name in our database to contact you if a deal comes up in your region?

Buying and Selling a Brokerage is a major pillar of our 7 Building Blocks™ system:

Understand the real market value of your brokerage and where value can be improved

Benchmark your performance against other brokerages in key valuation categories

Normalize your earning with brokerage industry specific experts

The professionals at EDI are experts at driving profitability and repeatable cash flow through effective execution and action. Pairing this expertise with years of professional experience selling and acquiring businesses for clients and for personal business development, is why owners continue to entrust EDI with one of their most valued possessions.

Do not lose your investment due to poor implementation after sale or purchase – a common occurrence due to inexperience with many examples!

EDI has a number of deals going on at any one time and there might be one in your region right now!
Ask yourself why you are not aware of this? It is due to our level of confidentiality in the process. This is vital in any transaction!


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