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EDI’s industry experts host free webinars on a monthly basis on topics specific for real estate and mortgage brokers each with a unique topic in our 7 Building Blocks™ system.

Setting Up for Next Year’s Success

Listen in to discover

  • Learn what key strategies to focus on for next year
  • Find out what the best brokers are doing to drive growth
  • Discover how to drive more profit in less time and how to make your brokerage worth more money


 Thurs, December 13, 2018


2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT

Date Time Topic
February 21 1:00 How to book more recruiting appointments
March 21 1:00 Close 1 in 3 Interviews – Part 1
April 18 1:00 Close 1 in 3 Interviews – Part 2
May 23 1:00 The Mid-year Review  – How to Gauge Success
June 20 1:00 How to Make Your Brokerage Worth More Money
July 25 2:00 Panel Discussion – Top Recruiters
September 19 1:00 The Decision Meeting – Getting Them to Say Yes
October 17 1:00 Increasing Profits – Best Practices from the Best Brokers
November 14 1:00 Acquisitions – The Hidden Secrets to Success
December 13 2:00 Setting Up for Next Year’s Success