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Finding the content that has meaning to your brokers is an on-going challenge. At EDI, we are experts in the brokerage business with benchmark data and industry intelligence in the seven business areas for building a business.

If you are a meeting planner or conference organizer, then you will want to make sure you browse our topics and talk to one of our Performance Architects. Our internationally recognized Performance Architects deliver powerful ground-breaking workshops that will have your participants patting you on the back and telling you it was the best event ever.

Workshop Topics

Our workshop topics are based on the different pillars of EDI’s 7 Building Blocks™ – all crucial for a strong strategic, operating, and financial outcome for broker owners and brokerage managers.

Commanding Leadership and Setting Culture
  • Generate more profit by fixing and realigning your organization.
  • Are you frustrated with staff showing up at 9:05am, taking long lunches, talking on the phone repeatedly with friends and family, chatting with their fellow workers, and then packing up 15 minutes prior to 5pm – and not completing their work for the day?
  • Are you equally frustrated with staff not returning emails, treating agents and clients poorly, and not meeting deadlines or goals? The solution starts with this session.
  • Leadership begins with creating your vision, setting your mission, and establishing what will be your organizational values. You can’t lead a group of people if they are not inspired by the destination and you cannot work together as a team if your values are not aligned. We will provide you with structure and process to establish the vision of the organization.
Workshop will deliver
  • Branch strategy and tactics
  • Leadership process design
  • Management checklists
Optimizing Your Business Model & Managing Your Money
  • Know where you are wasting profits as compared to successful benchmarks in the industry
  • Are you frustrated with trying to understand what is working and not working in your business but not having the financial reporting to give you answers?
  • Ensure your costs are aligned to your business model
  • Review all key areas including facility, technology, administration, management, and marketing costs
Workshop will deliver
  • Key industry benchmarks
  • Simplified financial model that will work for a non-financial audience
  • Implementation insights on how to improve profitability
Uniqueness in the Marketplace
  • Create real, sell-able value in your brokerage and stop competing on price
  • Improve recruiting and retention numbers with real value
  • Change an unprofitable model into a profitable one, or a declining profit into an increasing profit
Workshop will deliver
  • Method to compare your business against your competitors
  • Give you a process to dollarize and communicate your value to your agents
  • Strengthen your recruiting process and drive better results
  • Lower your loss of agents by providing a process to communicate real value so they don’t leave
Information Technology
  • Emerging Technologies that Maximize Performance in Your Brokerage
  • Add Value to Your Brokerage With a Good CRM
  • Change an unprofitable model into a profitable one, or a declining profit into an increasing profit
Workshop will deliver
  • How technology can save you time and add to your profitability
  • Finding the right CRM for your brokerage
  • Create an effective website for lead generation and lead capture to increase your volume
Retention and Productivity
  • Understand your key differentiators and real value and where it fits in retention
  • Lower your attrition – stop the bleeding (losing as many as you recruit)
  • Strategy and process to help agents become more productive
Workshop will deliver
  • Analysis of each participants true differentiators
  • Provide a checklist and process to solidify relationships, improve agents success
  • Create an accountability dashboard to ensure we are improving going forward
Recruiting Reinvented
  • Understand your key differentiators and real value and where it fits in recruiting
  • The fastest way of increasing the profit to your brokerage
  • Strategy and process to help agents become more productive
Workshop will deliver
  • Analysis of each participants true differentiators
  • Provide a checklist and process for your recruiting team
  • Properly prepare new agents to drive profit
Buying & Selling a Brokerage
  • Simplify the buying and selling of a brokerage and manage the downside risk to maintain value
  • Understand how to value your business and what the key elements are in calculating value
  • Review best practices from the industry to increase the sustainable cash flow of your business and therefore drive up equity value
  • Study the process of a transaction so you are informed whether buying or selling becomes your strategy
Workshop will deliver
  • Best practices in buying and selling and pitfalls to avoid
  • Creating your own strategy even if you are holding on to the business for future cash flow
  • Checklists, benchmarks, industry data

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The EDI approach is refreshingly business focused, no-nonsense and practical. Every attendee left with real implementation steps they could apply to their business to increase revenue, save dollars, and create time. All that and they had fun doing it. I am pretty straight forward in my initial gauge of success and that is to see how many people are still sitting at the end of the session – with 100% of the audience still taking notes in the last minutes, I knew we had hit it out of the park when we hired EDI. What’s more, I am continuing to hear about the ways attendees have made improvements to their business as a result of a few hours we invested in them. Hiring EDI created wins all around.

Michael Metzner
Regional Owner, RE/MAX Michigan

We had the opportunity to work with EDI at our Verico Annual Conference and we were very pleased with their involvement. The content of their workshop and energetic presentation resulted in high praise as a facilitator and speaker. EDI had the ability to connect with our diversified audience and deliver a down to earth “how to implement” session that was a highlight of the event.

Colin Dreyer
President / CEO, Verico Financial Group Inc

This work will have lasting benefit to our network. Based on what I heard, I would say that this was one of the best received sessions we have done.

Dan Breault
EVP / Regional Director, RE/MAX of New England

I’ve participated in several of your webinars and found the content to be excellent.

Bob Leighton
Executive Director – Franchise Development, RE/MAX of New England

Our EDI Implementation Workshop was an interactive, engaging experience for our audience that provided practical recommendations they could begin implementing in their business right away. What’s more, having a quality speaker demonstrated to our attendees that we are making strides to add value to their business in emerging areas.

Gary Siegle
Vice President Sales – Western Canada Invis, Invis

Our EDI Workshop provided us with improved strategies and perspectives for our business. The content was presented in a concise manner providing ample opportunity for questions and discussion from our audience to customize their implementation opportunities.

Ruth Anne Winter
Broker / Owner, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

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