Wayne Einhorn

Wayne Einhorn, MBA

President and Performance Architect

Wayne Einhorn is the President of EDI. He is an internationally renowned speaker, executive, Performance Architect and board member who has been involved in businesses at all levels for twenty seven years. He started his first business when he was only sixteen years old and still in high school and began his career in the real estate and mortgage business at age 19. His first opportunity to manage a sales team came at age 23 and he quickly identified his passion for leading, resulting in many top profit awards for his team’s performance. He was then promoted to a regional manager position at age 25 leading a sales force of 400 people in nine branch offices. Reporting directly to the CEO and sitting on the Executive Committee also accelerated Wayne’s experience as a leader at a very young age.

After seven successful years leading a large company, Wayne struck out on his own co-founding what was to become a highly successful multi-office brokerage in the Toronto, Ontario market area. The company enjoyed meteoric growth and strong profits and actually allowed him to sell the firm and retire at age 35. With free time on his hands, Wayne pursued his lifelong dream of completing his MBA and was accepted to study at the prestigious Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. Rated in the top fifteen programs in the world, Wayne’s MBA experience has added depth to his Brokerage teachings.

After graduating in 2002, Wayne co-founded a successful coaching company where he began speaking and coaching business leaders and executives from companies around the world.

Wayne is regarded by his peers as a leader in strategic thinking but at the same time leads a very balanced life. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time at his northern lodge with his family and friends. Along with his passion for flying, Wayne also enjoys the beach, boating, and has traveled extensively across 4 continents. With three children, Meghan(1992), Matthew (1994), Holly(1996); the only thing that comes close to his passion for his family is his passion in making a difference in the lives of others. Outside of his leadership responsibilities Wayne has been involved in helping others through not-for-profit organizations for many years. Today one of his special philanthropic projects is the Jacob Zuma School in Durban, South Africa. He is has also served as a Board Member for Youth Link – helping provide services to enhance the lives of inner city youth in the City of Toronto and currently serves on the board of S.T.E.P.S. an organization committed to helping people become re-employed in the workplace.